How to get an Infomed device ?

If you are interested in any Infomed product, please contact us directly at home@infomed.biz. According to your region the right person will take contact with you.

How to get more information about diseases treated with Infomed products ?

Approximately 100 different diseases can be treated using Infomed’s devices. These are for example immune diseases, inflammatory situations, ulcerative colitis, kidney or liver failure. Whenever pathology is possibly treated by extracorporeal blood purification, Infomed is able to provide necessary devices. For further disease related information, check for relevant association. 

Where are used the Infomed devices ?

Infomed is present around the world in more than 35 countries, our product are used in around 300 hospitals with more than 1000 devices running.

What is the difference between CRRT and Plasma Therapies ?

CRRT means continuous renal replacement therapy, so it is used to replace the kidney in case of failure. The CRRT technics have to be applied since 30 years in intensive care units. Continuous technics are by definition applied 24/24 hours as long as necessary.

Plasma therapies concern diseases and technics which involve large substances such as inflammatory mediators, LDL-cholesterol or antibodies. Plasma therapies technics are usually applied 6 to 10 times during 2-4 hours sessions. Plasma therapies are usually performed by Nephrology, Hematology or Intensive Care departments.

How many diseases are treated by CRRT ?

CRRT concern around 20 types of pathologies, all of them are in relation with the kidney failure.

How many diseases are treated by Plama Therapies ?

Plasma therapies concerns more than 80 pathologies.

What is the interest of DFPP (Double Filtration PlasmaPheresis) ?

DFFP is a technic allowing to retain by filtration the larger substances present in the plasma, such as LDL-cholesterol or antibodies. Its interest is that it requests none or very few input of substitution fluids, that it doesn’t lead to specific side effects and that in practice it is cost effective and easy to perform.

Why to use adsorption technics ?

Adsorption technics allows to remove one specific substance from the blood while keeping the others such as albumin which is essential for the patient’s blood pressure. Adsorption technics are thus the most precise tool in blood purification.