Treatments history

Infomed offers a wide range of extracorporeal treatments used in Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies (CRRT) and Plasma Therapies.

What is the difference between HD, CRRT and PT Techniques?

CRRT History :

In 1977, Dr. Peter Kramer was the first to describe such type of therapy in the literature. It was named CAVH (Continuous Arterio-Venous Hemofiltration). The blood was moved from an artery to a vein through a hemofilter. Ultrafiltration rate was controlled by raising and lowering the drain bag.
Because of hypotension experienced by critically ill patients the blood flow of AV method, where the difference of pressure between artery and venous vessels is used to create the flow, is low and limits the volume of ultrafiltrate which can be obtained.

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Plasma Therapies History

Heden is historically the father of the plasma therapies as he was the first to re-transfuse erythrocytes (Red Blood Cell’s) in dogs and Rabbit in 1902.

The first human application was done by Dr Fleig who treated a patient with uraemia (low level of blood cells) in 1909.  However the term Plasmapheresis was defined by Pr Abel in USA in 1914...

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