The HF440 is the “All in One” device from Infomed for both CRRT and plasma therapies.

Hf440HF440 offers the most complete range of treatments;

all available with a full range of flows from baby to adult in high volume. Single needle blood access, as well as all anticoagulation methods are also available for all treatments, thus the HF440 perfectly meets all the hospital needs. The HF440 is easy to use thanks to its full touch screen interface, the record of data and the graphs for pressures and masses. Its low weight and small dimensions make it easy to move while the pre-assembled sets, scales system up to 40 kg and clear messages helps to reduce operators workload. HF440 offers unique features such as automatic adjustment of predilution, rinsing by flush of the cascade filter (Dr Branger’s method), single needle blood access or CPFA treatment.

Unique features

Technics availables

Technical features

  • Heater :
    Integrated plate fluid heater
    Temperature setting 30-40°C
    Temperature graph overtime
  • Pressure sensing :
    Arterial : - 500 to + 500 mmHg
    Venous : - 500 to + 500 mmHg
    TMP : 0 to + 600 mmHg
    Prefilter : 0 to + 600 mmHg
  • Other sensor :
    Ultrasonic air detector:
    Foam + 25 µl bubble
    Blood leak detection in waste :
    > 0.2 ml/min
  • User interface :
    Graphic colour monitor
    Pressure graphic
    All operations from front of the machine
    Error message with written
    and graphic indications.
  • Operations :
    Self priming
    Combined pre and post dilution
    Prevention of clogging
    15 minutes battery back
  • Flows :
    Blood flow : 0-450 ml/min
    Other pumps : 0-12 l/h
  • Scales :
    Standard : 0 to 20 kg ± 6g
    Optional : 0 to 40 kg ± 15 g
  • Syringe pump :
    All syringe types of size 10 to 60 ml
    Bolus : 0 to 15 ml
    Continuous doses : 0 to 15 ml/h
    Syringe presence detector
  • Dimension :
    72/66/160 cm
    50 kg