HF440: Complete range of treatments

HF440 : Complete range of treatments
For CRRT and Plasmatherapies
Baby to adult use with adapted flows, volumes and safety

HF440 offers the most complete range of treatments

Easy to use

On screen alarm guidance

Sound and visual alarm

Profiles saving

Take a break button



HF440 touch screen
HF440 touch screen

Full touch screen

The HF440 is easy to use thanks to its full touch screen interface, the record of data and the graphs for pressures and masses.



For up to 8 bags and 40 liters for substitution, dialysate and waste.

HF440 device components
Lightweight device

Though for operators

Its light weight and small dimensions make it easy to move while the pre-assembled sets, scales system up to 40 kg and clear messages helps to reduce operators workload.



Integrated plate fluid heater, temperature setting 35-38°C, temperature graph overtime

For DFPP treatments

Optimized treatments thanks to flush rinsing

Automatic plasma return before flush

Flush sampling available for plasma to analyze the pathogenic substances removed by DFPP

HF440 pump

HF440 presentation

HF440 offers the most complete range of treatments, all available with a full range of flows from small babies to large adults. Single needle blood access, as well as all anticoagulation methods are also available for all treatments, thus the HF440 perfectly meets all the hospital needs.

The HF440 is easy to use thanks to its touchscreen interface, the record of data and the graphs for pressures and weights. Its low weight and small dimensions make it easy to move while the pre-assemble sets, scales system up to 40 kg and clear messages helps reducing operators workload.

HF440 offers unique features such as automatic adjustment of predilution, rinsing by flush of the cascade filter, single needle blood access or CPFA treatment.

Technical overview

Touchscreen, 5 pumps, 3 scales up to 8 bags of 5L each, heater, syringe pump also available during rinsing, save rinsing, automatic predilution, pre and postdilution ratio editable during the treatment or automatically set, air detector, blood leak detector, single needle activable during treatment, sound and visual alarm, on screen alarm guidance, profiles saving, more than 20 minutes backup battery, care time button, wi-fi, bluetooth and more !

Reduced useless stops and limits interventions

Preassembled sets: Reduced interruptions
Complete preassembled sets

The syringe pump runs in different modes:
  • Rinsing
  • Continuous
  • Related to extra pump
  • Bolus

Baby to adult use(adapted flows, volumes and safety)

Baby to adult use

Up to 40 liters per scale

Up to 40 liters per scale

To find your disposables for HF440, check our kits.

Hot topics

Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

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A new range of fluids

A new range of fluids

Discover our new fluid formulas according patient needs with two new references on its lactate solution (LACSOL) and two new on its bicarbonate solution (BICSOL). All our bags contain 5 liters, are phthalate and latex free and have a standard female luer-lock connector as outlet port.

Dimi stand for bags

Dimi stand for bags

The DIMI stand for bags helps the operator to install up to 40 liters of dialysate and waste bags. DIMI stand for bags offers a new way for long treatments or any other requesting a large quantity of fluids. With this stand, patients can ideally prepare the bags while being seated.



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